Craigs voters say

Wow he looks amazing would be great for him to represent Mr Gay Wexford
Lovely guy
hoot sstuff 🙂
So Handsome. I would love him to win this.
may the cutest of them all, craig o’toole, win!
jodyliciouss loves itttttttttt 🙂 come on craig…
i think craig should get this because he is th most kindest person in the world
Best of Luck Craig
Best of Luck Craig
Best of Luck Craig 🙂
go craig!!
Woo go Craig hot stuff 🙂 xxx love dani 🙂
Woo go Craig hot stuff 🙂 xxx love dani 🙂
Woo go Craig hot stuff xx love dani 🙂
What a lovely, friendly, genuine guy!!!!
He rocks my world
ciara edwards voted for craig
Gooooooooo Craig !!!! 🙂
craig to win x
go Craig!!
Fantasic, best of luck Craig
Go Craig best of luck hope you win dude..!!!
go Craig 🙂 xxx
Such a nice friendly lad could not ask for a better friend he deserves it
good luck craigeo
Craig shud totally win!!!!
craig o’toole should deffo win this compitition! he’s the soundest gay i know 🙂
craig better win go craig
go craig
Craig ROCKS! 😀
Rock it Craigeo!!!
best of luck craig…hope u win… 🙂
Lovely guy and great fun!
what a handsome and a pesonality to match.
Cause he COOL(” ,)X
freddie was ere
freddie was ere
such a sound guy and a lash too!!
Craig totally deserves to win! He’s such a great guy!
Hes the only 1 I know lol
He deserves it
woo go craig xx
craig is a lovely fella and a good laugh
Gorgeous all round nice guy.!!!
Craig is just amazing x
He totally fits the bill and is such a nice guy 🙂 pleas pick him 🙂 pppllllleeeaaasssss. He deserves this.

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