Tessa Kelly – Painter

Tessa Kelly
Media: Painter

Tessa Kelly

Kilbrany, Newbawn, Co Wexford
Telephone: 051 428 767
Mobile: 0872782971
email: Tessa1@eircom.net

It is important for me as an artist to allow my imagination to develop freely and avoid too much analysis.

Art is challenging and engaging and an intimate expression of the human condition questioning the relationship with self and the
surrounding world through an on-going stream of creative experiences and visual testaments; these explore the sublime, the unexpected, the often obscure and unnoticed. Art takes us on a journey of personal learning.

More and more I am being consumed by my immediate world and its surroundings. I enjoy a rich vibrant pallet, which is evident in my work, some of my work has been achieved by experimenting with water and light, this helped me explore the ideas of reflections and magnification. My paintings evolved through direct observation, I see my work at different levels at one level there is an apparently realistic depiction, whilst at another they are carefully composed and are intended to work as abstracted compositions.

Like most artists I am always in a state of constant searching, I like to think that my work succeeds if it generates feelings ideas and thoughts to the viewer.


Born: Cambridgeshire, England

Education: 2006 – 07 Art craft and design, plc.
With distinctions in painting and sculpture
Wexford V.O.C.

2007 – 011 B.A. In art (sculpture)
Wexford School of Art and Design

Current studies, honours degree 4th year at the Wexford School of Art and Design.

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