Deirdre ní Dhubhghaill – Graphic Art

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I exhibit under the name 2Dr. There are two prominent Ds in my name: I generally work on and with 2 Dimensional media.

As a designer when creating an identity I develop lettering unique to the business, organisation or individual I work for. I scan the finished concepts into the Macintosh computer, redrawing the letters. The computer calculates the font, in turn translating data to the typeface. which allows me to work with it both on screen and later as printed material .

n these pieces I explore the inter-letter spaces: shapes made by overlapping letters or their proximity to one another. I investigate colour contrasts, compliments and blends. My design manipulates the layout to effectively portray the essence of the proverbs, seanfocail, sayings and wise words, I have collected since childhood.

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