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Mary Gibney

Ok u lovely people, Ive decided there will b no invites to my wedding instead u are all invited 😀 And also I dont want gifts instead I would rather everyone contribute €20 at the door which will go to charity instead.. And so u guys dont feel left out of the celebrations because it’s close to halloween its a fancy dress wedding :)..Now u dont have to wear fancy dress but it will be good craic and make the night more fun and I wont feel like such a plank hahaha and I will even give a prize to the best dress…


You are cordially invited to the Union of

  • Mr Gay Kildare, Cris Pender


  • &


  • … Ms Gay Kildare Mary Gibney





Location; Derby House Hotel, Kildare Town
Date; 22nd of October
Times; doors open 8:00 ceremony 8:30 sharp, reception @ 9pm, music and dancing after till late.


It’s Halloween Themed, so feel free to dress up…

Admission €20

food, drinks promo’s, Raffle and a prize for best dressed on the night

Remember guys It’s a fundraiser for The HIV Fill Project at The Guide Clinic in St James’ Hospital.
Charity Number; CHY 7269

for more information or if you a business and feel you have something to contribute:

call or text; 085 740 9988

“the wedding is being used as part of Mr Gay Kildare Cris Pender’s fundraising efforts for Mr Gay Ireland as fundraising is a very big part of the MGI and counts towards Judging”

Mr Gay Kildare • Cris Pender, facebook >Page<

Sunrise LGBT Kildare

About Sunrise LGBT Kildare

Cris Pender is an active member of the LGBT community, through his work as both Founding member and Chairperson of Sunrise LGBT Kildare and Chairperson of K.L.G.B.T. Cris has managed with the assistance of the group to create a visable LGBT community in Co. Kildare. Phone/ text: 085 740 9988 Mr Gay Kildare 2011
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