the Mr Gay’s -2012 • MEET THE MGI 2013 CONTESTANTS
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Patrick Beary - Mr Front LoungePatrick Beary – Mr Front Lounge

Patrick Beary – Mr Front Lounge

I feel that I will bring a lot of qualities to the competition. I feel that I am approachable, personable, good natured and funny. I am an extrovert with an empathetic ear; light hearted and passionate about most things.


Gary Cantwell - Mr ChambersGary Cantwell – Mr Chambers

Gary Cantwell – Mr Chambers

I think I am a very focused person who has used the win of Mr Chambers to my advantage to be heard and noticed which has enabled me to set up my guidance and support site which is called InterGay

I think I also bring compassion and awareness in regards to the charity we are raising money for as with working in healthcare I have taken care of many patients with HIV and AIDS throughout the years and think the Newfill project is an amazing charity that I intend to keep fundraising for after Mr Gay Ireland Ends. I am an easy to get on with, trustworthy guy who is up for a laugh and is willing to work hard to get results!


Wayne Carbery - Mr MeathWayne Carbery – Mr Meath

Wayne Carbery – Mr Meath

I like cuddling up on the couch with a good film. I love to keep fit and active also, i swim a lot and go the gym when i have time, i love walking, socialising and spending time with my friends.


Colin Carmody - Mr LimerickColin Carmody – Mr Limerick

Colin Carmody – Mr Limerick

Hobbies include Irish Dancing, Reading and Socialising. I’m Kind, Caring, Funny, Loyal, Genuine and Determined.


Mikey Duffy - Mr DragonMikey Duffy – Mr Dragon

Mikey Duffy – Mr Dragon

I like keeping fit. That’s a big aspect of my life.

Another big hobbie or interest of mine is history. This might bore people but I love It. I have a fascination with the Titanic and recently went up north to see the museum. I went with my mates. I just wanted to stay and soak it all in and read every detail and watch every clip and listen to every story. I will certainly go up again on my own to do this.

Also I have a fascination with Royalty. I don’t know what it is but I have nearly watch all of David Starkey programmes on the history of the British Royal family. At one point in time I could nearly name all who ruled England in a line for about 500 years. Also I’m have a keen interest of who every king and queen was since the Georgian period. Maybe its the teacher in me that I have a zest of old trivial knowledge

I enjoy socialising with friends, going to the cinema and all the things friends do together.


Simon Landon - Mr Wexford

Simon Landon – Mr Wexford

Simon Landon – Mr Wexford

I really enjoy Dj mixing on the decks. I love to dance and I really like to travel and see different parts of the world, how people live. I enjoy camping activity weekends away and I’m about to join a rowing club in wexford. I enjoy playing my Congo drums


Marty McDaid - Marty McDaid – Mr Derry

Marty McDaid – Mr Derry

Interests Music, Sports, Gym


Sean Meehan - Mr PantibarSean Meehan – Mr Pantibar

Sean Meehan – Mr Pantibar

I’d like to think that as a transexual gay man, that i bring an element of diversity that exists on our wonderful scene and also how progressive our LGBT community is here in Ireland.


Thomas Moran - Mr GalwayThomas Moran – Mr Galway

Thomas Moran – Mr Galway

I’m responsive, caring, interested, attentive, great listener and learner. I have great social skills, im eagar to apply myself in all situations; I’m willing and up for new experiences. I’m positive, with an always glass half full personality


Carl Nash - Mr LouthCarl Nash – Mr Louth

Carl Nash – Mr Louth

I am an honest person, I’m very straight forward and I fight for what I believe in. Im very outspoken when it come to gay issues.


Robbie Obara -Robbie Obara – Mr George

Robbie Obara – Mr George

I love: eating yummy food, playing volleyball (I play for Trinity), travelling/backpacking, cycling… I’m also a bit of a nerd and I love sciency stuff.
I enjoy doing a lot of different work in sexual and reproductive health, but more on the research side of things and mostly voluntary (including work at both the Baggot Street Gay Mens Health Service and the GUIDE Clinic at St. James’s Hospital). I also founded an organization for healthcare workers across the country, known as the Reproductive Health Interest Group of Ireland.


Conor O'Kane - Mr TyroneConor O’Kane – Mr Strabane

Conor O’Kane – Mr Strabane

I believe that I bring a confidence, humility and positive outlook on life to the competition. I also feel I bring a driven quality as I am here to represent my home town my county and also my country as well as the competition as a whole in the best possible light, as an ambassador of the Mr Gay Ireland Society. I am also a very determined person, I am driven, I constantly strive to always do my best in whatever I undertake may it be to pull a pint or to apply a colour, or even to do my best in the competition. I am also compassionate and caring which can be seen my my current fundraising and charity work, also hardworking in my different planning and organization for both work and fundraising for this very worthy cause.


Chris O'Reilly - Mr CorkChris O’Reilly – Mr Cork

Chris O’Reilly – Mr Cork

Qualities I bring to the competition include Strength, Honesty, loyalty, Good sense of humor and I’m a good role model.


Renan Santos - Mr LimerickRenan Santos – Mr Wilde

Renan Santos – Mr Wilde

I love horses, I used to be a show jumper, I go to the gym and enjoy studying about different religions


David Fallon - Mr TipperaryDavid Fallon – Mr Tipperary

David Fallon – Mr Tipperary

I’m Goal focused, charismatic, creative, a team player and enthusiastic


Paul McDonald - Mr WaterfordPaul McDonald – Mr Waterford

Paul McDonald – Mr Waterford

I’m into Sports, Music, Martial Arts and Fitness


Timmie Murphy - Mr ClareTimmie Murphy – Mr Clare

Timmie Murphy – Mr Clare

I like writing, socialising, fashion, and acting

Robert Nagle - Mr LoafersRobert Nagle – Mr Loafers

Robert Nagle – Mr Loafers


Ciaran O'Neill - Mr KilkennyCiaran O’Neill – Mr Kilkenny

Ciaran O’Neill – Mr Kilkenny

I’m a cabaret singer and male burlesque performer! I also do musical theatre songs
from classic musicals.


Barry Redmond - Mr Emerald WarriorsBarry Redmond – Mr Emerald Warriors

Barry Redmond – Mr Emerald Warriors

I enjoy playing rugby for the emerald warriors and i like going to the gym


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