Dear Jo Jo
Aunty JoJo

Heya JoJo

How you doing?

Joey (22) – Knocktopher

Great babes! Its been a while since anyone actually asked how I AM but the answer is as well as can be expected. I’m a martyr to me cause! Whatever that is. Also I have a bit of a dodgy back from the driving. How you doing? Call me!

Dear JoJo

I think I have piles. How do I know?

Miss C Eletrik (23) – Waterford City

Eh, well! Thats kinda a tough one. Is your hole sore? Jesus this is dreadful to be talking about in a family publication!! DO I LOOK LIKE A BLEEDIN’ DOCTOR?

Dear JoJo

I’ve been following Dragiators closely on the internet and am fascinated. Well done! How do you do it?

Sharon (28) Wexford

Its called Adobe Dreamweaver! Ah no, I guess its down to the dedication of meself, Charmin, Cher and Tyra as well as Giles and Doodle! It takes a lot to put together each week with the challenge, the website, the results, the Unseen and the Diary show and thats before the contenders do anything. It can be tiring but its worth it at the end when we see them bloom before our very eyes. The South East is doing well so far this season but next year we have something bigger and better planned already!

Dear JoJo

I have a problem. I recently walked into my bedroom to find my boyfriend of 2 years masturbating to the Jonas Brothers. What do I do?

Thomas (22) Kilkenny

Personally I would point at him and go SCARLET FOR YA! Which of the Jonas Brothers in particular was it? Ask him! Actually in fairness, they’re all a state. Dump him in case anyone finds out coz then I’d be scarlet for you too! SCARLET!!!

Dear JoJo

I saw you on telly. I think you’re amazing!

Victoria DeTampax (22) Wexford

Me too babes, Me too!

If you have a problem you’d like solved, please contact me at


Aunty JoJo

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