Dear JoJo
Aunty JoJo

Heya JoJo

I have a rash on my inner thigh. What might it be?

Padjo (19) – Moincoin

How in the name of god am I meant to know? Do I look like a doctor? And you’ve given me absolutely nothin’ other than its a rash to go on so I can’t even Google it. Is it red? Is it itchy? I just rang me ma to ask her and she says put  Sudocreme on it.


Dear JoJo

Would you be happier if it wasn’t for the weather?

Miss C Eletrik (23) – Waterford City

Is that not a Corrs song? Clearly I would be. I thought this was the Sunny South East??? Someone clearly lied to me coz it hasn’t been all that sunny since I moved here. I’ve not even gone skinnydippin’ in Tramore once!

Dear JoJo

I’ve recently started a new job and the other girls are picking on me. What should I do?

Ms D Valishus (25) Carrick-On-Suir

Stop bein’ an absolute whinge and get on with it. A jobs a job at the end of the day and sure people aren’t so lucky with the recession and bad cases of glandular fever goin’ around so be glad of the paycheck, suck it up and get on with it. And p**s in their cornflakes.

Dear JoJo

Is it true you’re goin’ to be the next Roddy Doyle?

Alan (32) Kilkenny

I hope not coz he’s a 50 something year old bald fella as far as I know. If you’re talkin’ about me book thats comin’ out on the 23rd of November called Diary Of A Ryde available in all good book shops and online retailers then you are indeed right. Actually I wouldn’t mind bein’ the next Amanda Brunker. She’s a ride and she has her own range of sofas!

Dear JoJo

I have a huge crush on Enda Kenny! What do I do?

Dermot (31) Gorey

Are you actually for real? Enda Kenny is an awful lookin’ specimen. Would ya not have picked a good lookin’ politician like Leo Varadker? Sure you’re from Wexford, the home of that Mick Wallace fella so granted Enda Kenny is a clear step up from him. Maybe you should go on a retreat and reflect?


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Aunty JoJo

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