Dear JoJo
Aunty JoJo

Dear JoJo

My sister’s boyfriend is always around and while he is always playful, this has never led to much until a drunken night recently where he took out his penis and waved it around and tried to make me touch it. Needless to say I didn’t but should I tell my sister?

Willy (19) – Callan

Howaya Willy! First things first, no! Nobody likes a rat and where I come from, informers are the lowest of the low. Telling your sister isn’t going to do anyone any good. Secondly, are you not a bit raging you didn’t have a go?? Is he hot? Send us a picture. God Bless!

Dear JoJo

I can’t believe how unbelievably thin you look lately! Any chance you can let us in on the secret of your amazing weight loss?

Miss C Eletrik (23) – Waterford City

Well Charmin, I mean miss Eletrik, its quite simple really. It’s good diet, a bit of exercise, those rehearsals that the cast of Riverdance would get tired at and weight loss pills from Holland and Barrett except without the diet, the exercise and rehearsals! Also I find a good long ride is great for losing a few cals!

Dear JoJo

I have recently started to find girls attractive. Do you think I might be becoming a lesbian?

Tapanga (17) Enniscorthy

Babes! There’s nothing wrong with being a lesbian. Sure even Batwoman is into the womanly bits these days. As for whether you’re a lesbian, do you like Atlantic Homecare, Ikea, Pink, Heineken or the Champions League? If you said yes to 3 or more then I’m afraid you may be a lesbian!

Dear JoJo

I’m finding it hard to come! What should I do?

Stephen (22) Kilkenny City

Well Stephen, you could always try a different mode of transportion. Now that the motorway is open between Kilkenny and Waterford it should be easier. Also how about getting the train? If thats still a problem, don’t forget I’ll be coming to you every Thursday!!

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Aunty JoJo

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Howayiz! I'm Joanna Ryde but ya can call me Aunty JoJo! Originally from Finglas but livin' in Waterford! Catch me every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday in Dignity Waterford or online at *** The content of this page is for entertainment, fun, satire & does not reflect the thoughts or actions of any living individual. ***
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