Diary Of A Ryde by Joanna Ryde – Book Launch Live Performance & a Reading in Waterford
Aunty JoJo

Wednesday the 23rd of November, from 6.30 pmAndrew’s Lane Theatre, Dublin.

Irish comedian Joanna Ryde’s performs live at the launch of her book Diary Of A Ryde which is OUT NOW!! Order it in any UK or Ireland bookshop or online around the world on Amazon, Book Depository and Snazal. You can also check Joanna out on Twitter @JoannaRyde


Diary of a Ryde signing in Waterford, Friday, 25 November 2011 – 18:30 until 20:30
This is from the Waterford launch of Diary Of A Ryde in the Book Centre.

Aunty JoJo

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Howayiz! I'm Joanna Ryde but ya can call me Aunty JoJo! Originally from Finglas but livin' in Waterford! Catch me every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday in Dignity Waterford or online at www.JoannaRyde.com *** The content of this page is for entertainment, fun, satire & does not reflect the thoughts or actions of any living individual. ***
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