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Criteria to Enter
• Be from, work or live in Wexford County
• Be over 18

How do you enter?
Submit your nominations and photos via the form here or email life@gayse.net with Ms Gay Wexford •  Mr Gay Wexford* 2012/13 in the header bar. The earlier the better. A spot of talent scouting may take place too. We will conduct a video recorded interview with the nominee using the questions from the entry form for the next stage of the competition. [The nominee & their team may submit a link to their own video of a documentary (or mockumentary 🙂 ) based around the nomination questions.]

Videos will be available to view by our readers at GaySE.net. The ON-line public vote will occur over one week in August.

The 2012 Ms and Mr Gay Wexford will be introduced to their public & crowned at the Celebration Coronation party. An event held in County Wexford. Proceeds** on the night will go towards Ms Gay Wexfords & Mr Gay Wexfords participation in the two competitions. To be followed by a number of fun fundraising events. Should Ms Gay Wexford win the Ms Gay Ireland half the proceeds of that night will go to the charity of her choice the other to another designated charity. Mr Gay Wexford will be fundraising for St James Hospital (The Fill Clinic & HIV treatment).

Criteria to Enter
• Be from, work or live in Wexford County
• Be over 18

Why would you enter?

  • You’re gay and know your courage to stand up, will inspire others.
  • The whole experience is amazing and worth getting involved.
  • You have a message you passionately want to share. (it could be an LGBT issue, health, enterprise, an artistic talent, skill etc..
  • Gaining & learning from a new experience.
  • Ladies raise money for a favored charity, guys fundraise for St James Hospital.
  • True, some of you may be ‘too cute, to be true’ & not sharing your wonderfulness with the world would be bordering on a criminal offence.

Antony Curtis, Mr Gay Wexford on the Quay in Wexford

Ms Gay Wexford 2011 • Valerie Doyle

Last year we had two great candidates representing North & South County Wexford.

Our Mr Gay Wexford 2011/ 12 was Anthony Curtis aged 23, from Courtown Gorey. Anthony learned a lot through his participation in Mr Gay Wexford and the subsequent Mr Gay Ireland event in Dublin. Antony spoke on the development of the Gay Youth Drop in in Gorey and made many new friends during his participation.

Ms Gay Wexford 2011 Valerie Doyle, aged 42 hailing from Duncormick represented County Wexford in Limerick at the Ms Gay Ireland 2011 held during the Limerick Gay Pride Festival. Valerie spoke out for professional carers,  expressed the importance of being themselves and requested that people be true to themselves.

Both Wexford representitives found the activities & events, excellent unique experience. Great fun was had by all.


* This is not a ‘Gay Wexford’ group event & the title Mr Gay Wexford is a Trademark owned by the Mr Gay Ireland events.
**After expenses are covered.
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