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Family mediation is a service designed to assist couples who have decided to separate or divorce, or who may have already separated, to negotiate their own terms of separation agreement.
Mediation is a dispute resolution process. It assists people to resolve their issues without having to go into a contested court case.

Family Mediation can be used to resolve differences and to reach mutually agreeable arrangements on such issues as,

  • Parenting
  • Family home and property
  • Financial Support

Family Mediation is a confidential, non-judgemental service and is nonbinding up until the point of agreement.

This service is also available to same sex couples.

Philip Davis came to Family Mediation with a background in finance and counselling.He is trained and accredited by Friary Law ( Friary Law Chambers, Bow Street, Dublin 7

I live in Wexford, but work throughout the country.

phone: 0876141297

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