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Dear JoJo
Aunty JoJo

Heya JoJo

Where’ve you been?

Desmond (48) – Courtown

Howya Dessie! Well I’ve been right here in Waterford and kept meanin’ to get around to this! I hope everythings okay seein’ as you wrote to me back in August. I’d hate to learn you’ve been hit by a Waltzer in that time.

Dear JoJo

Do you know the way to San Jose?

Miss C Eletrik (23) – Waterford City

You’re STILL 23?? And yes I do know the way to San Jose! When I was in Los Angeles there a few months back for me holidays we got a train and one of the stops on it was San Jose!! So if you’re gettin’  the train, its the other way thats not San Diego. Or you could just look at Google Maps ya sap.

Dear JoJo

I want to break into television. Any advice?

Ms C Guevara (21) Clonmel

Do you think I’d still be slavin’ away day in day out if I knew how to break into television? Bein’ from Finglas South, I can teach you to break into lots of things. Television isn’t one of them

Dear JoJo

Congratulations on another fantastic season of Dragiators. What’s your favourite part of being involved in the competition?

Sharon (28) Wexford

That’s an easy one! Its findin’ all that talent that’s out there and unleashin’ it on the world! Cher Guevara won season 1 and has been workin’ with us since. Haunty Beor has been on Republic of Telly and is a celebrity in Limerick. Claudia Shifter is a superstar in the North West. Roxxi Sparks has her own show in Dignity. Most of them are lovely people and have become great friends. Some of them are c***s.


Dear JoJo

I need help! I can’t help thinking I’m Justin Bieber!

Joe (18) Arklow

Can you sing? Can you dance? Are you in any way cute? Are you Justin Bieber? Send a picture, preferably of your face babes.


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