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Miss Gay Kerry 2011
Live, Love, Laugh,

Silver found the whole experience: In fact so brilliant, that I shall enter the competition again for 2011…

So, feel like kicking me off my throne for County Kerry?

Easy enough!
You don’t have to ask your parents’ permission, there is no age limit or special body measurements (eat your heart out all ye super young and skinny Miss Competitions!), cause all you need to be is a happy, merry and gay (Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Transgender) woman and go for it!
And a valid reason for wanting to become Ms Gay Kerry/Ireland? It’s a great opportunity to make friends, have fun, strut your stuff AND be heard all in one go!!!

If you always wanted to become a Miss and have your voice heard, this is your chance, your moment. Carpe Diem (Seize the Day).

Wanna become ‘Ms Gay Kerry’?
Just contact: ciarraiamach@gmail.com

Reigning ‘Ms Gay Kerry 2010’”

Catch Silver, Ms Gay Kerry 2010 article ‘”My ‘Ms Gay Kerry’ 2010/11 experience”

Ms Gay Kerry Facebook

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