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3rd-Jan2012 sOUTh & LGBT Parents took to the ice

The ice rink on Waterford Quays for the Christmas season.

Skates- Check
Clear Ice- Check
Let’s get ‘Bizzy with the wizzy’
On the night of the 3rd of January around 6.00pm for a 7.00pm start, some folks who use the services of sOUTh and LGBT Parents Southeast with some committee members headed for the ice. Everyone didn’t venture onto the ice, the price of being a spectator, besides watching the carnage turn to graceful bodies, flowing around the ice, was to record the occasion for posterity. (Not a few posteriors suffered on the night too)

Kevin from LGBT Parents shares his thoughts on the evening

“On Tuesday night lgbt parents and sOUTh went to the ice rink in Waterford city.  We had a great night on the ice.

Got your skates on ladies?

Everyone complained that the ice skates were really tight but they have to be.  To start off the ice was really slippery they wouldnt let us on until they cleaned it and added water to the ice to make it even icier.

OMG! was it icy? We were all holding on to the sides until we gained our confidence. After a while we ventured out to the middle and began ice skating properly.

Thanks a million to all those who came along and shared their support on the ice rink”


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