Alcohol & Drugs

by Seamus Meaney

Cigs, booze, an odd pill…Sure its all part of Irish youth culture, Right? Everybody does it. A bit of drink is good for us and hash is great for relaxing?

Well? yes or no!

Unfortunately there is a very fuzzy line between having a good time and just been plain silly when it comes to alcohol and drugs. You hear about “the craic we had” but what about when the Hangover hits? It can mean a thumping headache, or feeling sweaty and dry mouthed. Of course the stomach is usually the worst, it rolls around in there sending up doses of acid to your throat in spite. But does any of this stop us?

Many of us have forgotten about the hangover by the following Friday night. So, if the hangover doesn’t stop us what about the health issues?

There are lots of campaigns out there to alert all of us young ones about the dangers of drink and drugs. So many campaigns, that most of the time we don’t really pay them any attention. Alcohol and drugs ( Legal and illegal ) are a part of our culture that isn’t going to disappear after a few TV adverts and shock tactic posters.

At the same time , you wouldn’t be reading this unless you were a bit concerned about the effects on your health . So instead of getting into a debate bout what is right or wrong  or how much is good or bad…. we’d be here all day!  You’ll just find the information you need to make informed and healthy decisions and some info on what happens when things go wrong.

If you or someone you know has an urgent drugs or alcohol problem, for example; taking an overdose, fears the drug has been contaminated or experiences a reaction from a drug then you should immediately: Go To the casualty unit of the nearest hospital to you or CALL 999 Emergency services.

Find more information and support

National Drugs and H.I.V
Helpline: 1800 459 459
Providing confidential Support and  information.

Drugs Awareness Programme
Provides Information,Support and counselling in relation to Drugs, Substance Misuse or Addiction

Alcoholic Anonymous



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