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Jedward – Waterline – Live – 2012 Eurovision Song Contest Semi Final 1
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Eurovision what’s it all about? Last night! Ireland looking to the future? Even with a space age retro look it’s all good. John and Edward a pair of unlikely entrepreneurs. Certainly they took  their chance seized the the day with four hands & ran skipped, hopped and jumped with it.

John Grimes & Edward Grimes

Jedward an Irish pop duo comprising identical twins John and Edward Grimes (born 16 October 1991 in Dublin, Ireland). Widely known for their blond quiffs, they first appeared as John & Edward in the sixth series of The X Factor in 2009, generating a phenomenon described as “the Jedward paradox”. They finished sixth and are now managed by Louis Walsh, who was their mentor during the show.  For more see

Best feet forward for the Final boys!

Jedward – Waterline – Live – 2012 Eurovision Song Contest Semi Final 1

LOREEN “Euphoria” (new single 2012) Eurovision 2012 Final winner

JEDWARD – Put The Green Cape On – EURO 2012

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PHASE it was just a Phase
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The year was 1994, March 1994.

In the space of few months a number of gay magazines arrived on the market in Britain. The magazine industry has discovered a new consumer group to target. Three new-style gay magazines–**Diva, *Attitude and Phase— were different to publications such as Gay Times. These glossy lifestyle magazines targeted lesbians & Gays as a new consumer group.

Phase Issue One • get out of that lazy bed.

Independently owned Phase was Britain’s first gay style magazine, competing directly with the leaders in that market, including Arena, GQ and Esquire. The first issue, was glossy and stylish enough to have prompted W H Smith to circulate a memo to its stores telling them to display it with the other style magazines and not with the other gay and sex publications on the top shelf.

Phase Issue two • Featuring RuPaul on the Cover

Phase Issue two • Featuring RuPaul on the Cover

Peter Cummings, then 32, having previously set up the biggest gay publishing house in Britain, Prowler Press. Blase, the new firm he has started to publish Phase, was funded by a group of colleagues including Wanda Goldwag, director of international foreign exchange for Thomas Cook, and Ivan Massow, a financial adviser who presents the financial news on Scottish TV.  According to Mr Cummings: ‘The pink pound has never been more fiercely chased. The spending power and brand loyalty of gay consumers are not to be ignored lightly.’

The Phase ethos: The important point is that all other gay magazines have a message of being oppressed and having problems and being arrested. Our message is that it’s great to be gay, we’re having a really good time, come and join the party.’

Even the film director Derek Jarman, who was dying of Aids, was upbeat and hedonistic in the first issue. He writes: ‘I’ll have a state funeral, send all the boys to saunas, get them suntanned so they can march on the streets of London quite naked, bronzed and good-looking. Turn the House of Commons into a back-room for the under-21s for a night. I hope boys will carry on falling in love with boys and girls with girls, and they’ll find no way to change that.’

There were 5 issues in total. The final issue coincided with the archivists end of College term. So what happened to Phase? Phase had paved the way when Attitude and Diva took to the field running, they didn’t look back. With bigger backers they took no prisoners and can be found on a shelf near you at every good book shop.

Phase Issue Three • Featuring Madonna on the Cover

Phase Issue Four









*Attitude British lifestyle magazine owned by Attitude Media Ltd. The first issue appeared in May 1994.
** Diva is a leading lesbian periodical in the UK. It was launched March 1994 by Millivres Prowler Group Ltd., who also produce the Gay Times.


& for your next trick! Can anyone find a copy of PHASE 5??


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“United States of Tara” Desperate Housewives meet ME MYSELF AND I
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“United States of Tara,” Toni Collette (“Muriel’s Wedding,” “Little Miss Sunshine”) plays a woman with dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality disorder). The show’s comic conceit is that Tara’s loved ones treat her illness as an unenviable but liveable condition and humours her multiple personalities as old family friends or pesky neighbours.

Tara is depicted neither as a freak nor as a victim but as a valuable, lovable woman who happens to be burdened with more than her fair share of mood swings.

Her alters (other personalities) comprise of:
T, a rowdy, sex-crazed teenage girl,
Buck, a beer-swilling, gun-loving redneck male war venture ,
Alice, a cake-baking, ’50s-style homemaker to the tenth power,
And a few more.

Tara is a career artist who decides to stopped taking medication that suppressed her other identities because the drugs were affecting her artistic (and sex drive). By letting her alters free, she believes she may also finally get to the root of her trauma that caused her personality to split.

Her family is made up of  husband, Max (John Corbett) who tries his best to be a loving partner , two children, 15-year-old Kate (Brie Larson) and 14-year-old Marshall (Keir Gilchrist), stand out instantly: funny and touching in very different ways. Both are urbane, smart-mouthed and kind hearted.

Kate is pretty, slightly but not completely rebellious, and interested in clothes, boys and having fun. She accepts her mother’s condition, except when she resents it. “Why can’t she just be manic-depressive like all the other moms?” she laments. Marshall is more of a loner. He is well read,  bakes cupcakes (“It’s Paula Deen’s recipe, tweaked slightly”) and is gay, and not afraid of letting his family know it.

Ms. Cody begins Tara’s story where most multiple-personality movies end: after a diagnosis has been made, and the patient has resumed a somewhat normal life. This is a dissociative identity disorder story for the post-Freudian era: Tara’s therapist is rarely seen, and seemingly not much of a factor in her life. She has a far more intense relationship with her insecure sister, Charmaine (Rosemarie DeWitt), who cannot accept her sister’s condition and at times seems to think it’s more of an act.

If Tara’s family can readily accept and at times even have fun with the “alters,” so should viewers.

Ms. Collette’s depiction of T is particularly hard to watch because Ms. Larson plays a real teenager so well and naturally: T and her gum-chewing, thong-thwacking tics look out of place.

Alice is not much more convincing; Ms. Collette plays her as a parody of Bree, the obsessive homemaker in “Desperate Housewives.” Oddly enough, Ms. Collette is most affecting as Buck, a blustering redneck who has a hidden soft side.


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