Diary of a Ryde by Joanna Ryde: Dublin 23rd Nov, Waterford: 25th Nov Kilkenny: 26th
Aunty JoJo


I’m after writin’ a book and it’s gettin’ published and everything!

So yizer all invited to the book launch of ‘Diary of a Ryde’ on Wednesday the 23rd of November, at 6.30 pm, in Andrew’s Lane Theatre. RSVP (that means write back in Greek) by clicking the attend button.

Yiz better all be there!

God bless,
Jo Jo

PS: If ya can’t make that, I’ll be havin’ a Waterford launch in The Book Centre on November 25th at 6:30pm and signing copies in the Book Centre, Kilkenny on Saturday 26th!

Ya can order a copy of the book in any UK or Ireland bookstore now or get it online around the world at Book Republic.ie, Amazon or Book Depository!


Diary of a Ryde

by Joanna Ryde

It’s nearly January and I have this idea for one of me New Years revolutions. I’m goin’ to write a diary! See, I’m about to turn 18 and as normal as ya think I might be– a regular fun lovin’, good lookin’ girl from Finglas on the northside of Dublin, me friends are anything but. Jasmin’s as smart as a scented candle, Concepta’s still pretendin’ to be on every diet goin’ and Tracy’s started to think she’s posh coz she goes to UCD. At least I still have me best mate Bernie.

On top of all of that, I’ve to deal with another bunch of weirdoes in me job and don’t even get me started on me family. Clearly I just do me best to get on with things by goin’ out with the girls, havin’ a few drinks and tryin’ to find a fella, although that hasn’t worked out very well lately!

Overall, I’d say it’s gonna be just another normal year in the life of Joanna Ryde. To be fair, things really can’t get any weirder, can they?

Price: €14.99

PRE-ORDER by clicking ‘Buy this book’

ISBN: 978-1-907221-27-9
Format: Trade Paperback
Published: November 2011
For Trade: The book is now available to pre-order through your usual suppliers. Our distributors are Gill and Macmillan +353 1 5009500.



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