Good Communication Development Workshop by Gay Wexford 31/03/2012

  • Saturday 16:00 until 18:00
  • We are pleased to confirm that our next workshop ‘Good Communication’ will be on Saturday 31st March in Whites Hotel starting at 4pm.
  • Please see attached agenda.>>>

We look forward to seeing you all again then. Please confirm your attendance and feel free to bring a friend. facebook event page

Good Communication Development Workshop for GAY Wexford

31st March 2012

4pm – 6.30pm in The Oscar Wilde Suite at White’s Hotel, Abbey Street, Wexford

Facilitators: Brona Cloonan & Anne Eustace

Proposed Agenda and Structure:
Purpose of the workshop

• To explore communication – what it means to communicate effectively with self and others?

• To look at the foundations of good communication

• To set out the tools of good communication

• Communication with self

Self Awareness

Inner dialogue

Relating and responding to others

o Communication with friends and family
o Communication in business

Part One
Introduction to Good Communication

‘How, why and ways that we communicate in different situations’

Part Two
The Essence of Good Communication

• Awareness
• Form and Purpose
• Feelings/Emotions
• Listening
• Patterns/Styles
• Content/chosen messages

Part Three
Top Tips to Practice Effective Communication

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