Sky Summers : Alternative Miss Kildare 2011

Last week we received Mary Gibneys response to her new title as Ms Gay Kildare 2011. This week is the turn of the Alternative Miss Kildare 2011, Miss Sky Summers. Sky will go forward to the 2012 Alternative Miss Ireland to represent Kildare.

What is the effect of your win? Has it been life changing in any way?

Yes, it has changed my life a lot. Instead of thinking about the next party, I’m thinking about the next pattern for a dress and which styles to choose! I am constantly searching for new ways to raise money for charity (all in talks, nothing decided).

Casual wear: Alternative Miss Kildare 2011 Sky Summers with the hostess for the evening Ms Dee Valishus

As Alternative Miss Kildare I have to do my best to show Kildare in a good positive light and do all I can do bring us one step closer to winning A.M.I. Oddly enough I get recognised on the street because people have seen me in the Kildare papers and they tell me how they cannot wait to show me them in “drag” and that me being open and honest with myself and the public spurs them on, to do just that and open up a little bit more about there love for the alternative!

You’ve won your local heat of ….. Where do you go from here?

Alternative Miss Ireland 2012



How did you feel preparing for the ‘Gay Kildare’? The build up?> on the day?> on the stage?> winning?

Sky Summers & Dee Valishus. Swim wear section

Oh the prep was pretty frantic as I hadn’t stopped working on the stages in Dublin at all, but had a lot of fun deciding what to do! The day of A.M.Kildare was nerve wrecking haha. I was shaking the whole day and wishing that I didn’t mess up or that my makeup was going to take to my face. On stage I lost all my nerves, I just went on with the idea to be calm, nice and appear friendly to the crowd, of whom I had not a clue of! I think I pulled it off. Winning, I couldn’t smile I was shaking yet again.

Miss Sky Summers during her performance at the 'Gay Kildare 2011 on the 28th of May in the Derby Lodge Hotel, Kildare.

I’m a humble person so never think because of my looks or because of the way I perform, would I have automatically won! So while myself and Dakota Diamond were up on the stage literally my knees were shaking and I was fidgeting away with my hands, fixing my dress and my cleavage haha. When they said my name I just stared at the ground not really taking it in! Thankfully a “girl” from dublin Gigi Dauphine was working at the event so she was there to crown me and place my sash on!

Then afterwards we sang and danced. All the while it still hadn’t sunk in. I’m so happy to have taken the first ever title for A.M.Kildare, it made me really happy and my family too were so delighted!


Do you have particular words of wisdom that you live by & would like to share?

Dakota Diamond, Mary Gibney, Sky Summers, Cris Pender & Damien Murphy


My words for anyone who wants to do this are.. Don’t think of it as a job or career, it’s not! Think of it as your LIFE. Research makeup, there are tips all over the net to make you the “woman” or “man” you want to be on stage. Live and breathe this and you will go far. Also don’t be bitch just be happy and you’ll go far!


Show your support Sky in her endeavours to represent Kildare as alternative Miss Kildare on Sky’s Alternative Miss Kildare facebook page



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