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Landslide victory for interim Gay Wexford committee & congratulations Cat Black

Last Wednesday 16th of November 2011 at 8pm the temporary committee of Gay Wexford held their AGM. The meeting was attended by most of the outgoing interim committee Paul Cullen (chairperson), Eamonn Healy, Jenny Roche and Bernie McMahon. The audience consisted of 6 witness including Cat Black who’s name was put forward to be included on the Ballot. The evening was presided over by David Clarke Youth officer with Gay Wexford and chairperson of Gay Youth Wexford. Youth officer was the only position not up for reelection.

The meeting began with welcomes and informing us that the neutral adjudicator had phoned to say they were sick and unavailable. It was put to the floor should the vote continue there was one call for postponement. The vote would go ahead. Cat Black was introduced and gave details on why she was running.  Two voting papers were distributed for the ballot vote, general committee and chairperson. The votes would be recounted by the Wexford Local Development and again independently by a member of LGBT Diverisity at a later date. While the votes were counted the AGM continued with any other business.

Paul Cullen did most of the speaking on night and loudly protested the possibility or suggestion that Gay Wexford had a problem with other people running LGBT events in County Wexford. The matter was revisited during later discussion. Other subjects included the new Gay Wexford visual identity and potential events. Through out it was emphasised that everything was decided democratic discussion by the committee. Paul stated there was greater openness with the public than ever before.

Pauls presentation was followed by David Clarkes annoucement of  the results at the end of the meeting. Cat was formally welcomed to the committee. The election results were a landslide victory for the former committee, all were reelected with Cat Black sliding onto the couch with the rest of the committee.

The New Gay Wexford committee, Cat Black, David Clarke, Eamonn Healy, Jenny Roche, Bernie McMahon and the renewed Chair person Paul Cullen (cullie)

Every one present were asked not to release the results of the election until Monday as the committee had democratically decided that the results should not be released until after the Wexford, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Visibility Week was over.


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