‘A coming Out story’ from LGBT Parents Waterford
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Over the last few months Kevin Kelly has been busy setting up the LGBT Parents Waterford group, a first in Ireland. Going on TV3’s morning program with his encouraging story he’s inspired many, Gay Parents and LGBT individuals from all walks of life. Kevin Kelly on TV3, 24th of March. You may have recently heard Kevin on local &  national radio (scott  de butlier- 2fm) or read of his endeavors in local & national newspapers.

Kevin asked that we share the following ‘heart warming’ story from last night [Waterford, 29th April]

“Somebody approached me last night in dignity a young guy and he said he was watching me on the morning show a few weeks ago.  He said how great it was, then his parents were also watching it and they said to him what a great guy to do something like this, how I came out to my parents and being married etc and having children, in the course of the conversation with his parents he came out to them and they were great about it he shook my hand and thanked me for doing it and making his life easier, that was lovely.”

Just to let everyone know that our first lgbtparents Waterford meeting is only 11days away the 11th May @7pm in the Waterford Area Partnership on the old Tramore road waterford if any one wants to attend please add yourselves to our face book page @lgbtparentswaterford or even email me @lgbtparentswaterford@gmail.com

Thanks Kevin

Mobile 086 159 5294

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