Ireland’s First Gay Male Couple to go through the fostering process- RTE1@ 4.50pm this FRIDAY2012
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“We are on TV again! Dave and Paddy (I get top billing and all the red jellybeans) will appear live on RTE 1’s THE DAILY SHOW @ 4.50pm this FRIDAY. Talking about Parenting, fostering (from a Gay perspective). Paddy and I were Ireland’s First Gay Male Couple to go through the fostering process and get passed as Foster Carers (with some difficulty mind you). We live in Arklow, Wicklow.”


Bringing up Baby: Same Sex Parents

Wednesday 25 January 2012 • the Daily Show News • RTÉ 1

Foster parents Patrick Bracken (31) and Dave Thomas (46). Paddy and Dave were the first gay male couple to go through the Fostering Process in Ireland, and got through it, after many obstacles. They are now Foster Parents for over four years, and take children on respite.

Paddy and Dave are availing of the Civil Partnership this May. They often think about having their own child, and often talk about adoption and other methods. They live in Arklow, Co. Wicklow. Paddy is in show business and Dave is a freelance journalist who has previously made documentaries for RTÉ Radio 1.

2011-03-30: The children we fostered didn’t care if we were gay or straight

Foster family: Patrick Bracken and Dave Thomas at their home in Arklow, Co Wicklow.Photograph: Eric Luke

Six years ago, DAVE THOMAS and his partner decided to become foster parents – but as a gay couple, they faced and uphill struggle. Here, he recalls the obstacles they overcame to provide a family for children in need

WE FIRST thought about fostering six years ago. Patrick and I wanted children, but gay couples in Ireland aren’t allowed to adopt, which seemed unfair. So we discussed fostering, which is allowed.

It would be another two years before we would apply. In that time, we wondered whether we would be able to cope with the challenging behaviour of a damaged child. How would it affect our private lives? Would people talk about us in a negative way?
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