Ms Gay Kilkenny 2010 – Enya Kennedy
Live, Love, Laugh,

Ms Kennedy took the Kilkenny Gay scene by storm, a veritable dynamo. Before Enyas arrival the Kilkenny scene was so far back in the closet as to be any of those fashion items your mother wore when dating your dad back in the day, long before you were a twinkle in their eye. I should know I lived there for a while.

Bearing that in mind It’s so exciting. Enyas presence at the Ms Gay Ireland promises to be an interesting one. Besides creative hair we can expect be treated to an Avant Garde, Enya created ensemble. Well worth waiting for.


Poser: Enya in that black number

Draped in the Rainbow flag and bearing the same. Enya to the fore.

Even in school 'Pink' played a part

Enya & Sorcha

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