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Tuesday 15th March 2011
Facilitators: Brona & Anne

Record of Open Meeting on 15th March 2011 – McCarthy Suite, White’s Hotel

The agenda was semi structured around the following:

  • Warm Up & Introductions
  • Purpose of the Meeting
  • Short presentation of general themes emerging nationally in LGBT research
  • Imagine’ Exercise
  • Next Steps


1.            Warm Up/Introductions

Each person was invited to turn to someone nearby and share their expectations of the open meeting.  The following were the main themes emerging:

  • A wish to share and learn.
  • Curiosity about the meeting, its purpose and LGBT in Wexford
  • A wish for support
  • An interest in making Wexford a better and safer place
  • A wish to understand what Gay Wexford is/does?
  • What representation is there and for whom?
  • A wish to understand the different services available, e.g. youth and counselling
  • A wish to learn about how to volunteer, e.g. for youth services
  • On what basis were people invited to the meeting (on 15/3/11)
  • What is the structure of Gay Wexford?
  • What is the purpose of the meeting (on 15/3/11)
  • Wish to be recognised as a legitimate society with respected members
  • To discover what resources are available

2.            Results of the ‘Imagine’ Exercise

The group was invited to consider the following and to discuss their response in small groups and be ready to share with full group.

This exercise generated much lively and open discussion.  The overall themes were:

  • A wish to build a better society within Wexford (there was a feeling that Wexford is more backward than other areas, especially cities such as Dublin)
  • A wish to work shoulder to shoulder and support each other so as to achieve stronger collective power
  • A wish (for some members of the group) for greater understanding and clarity about Gay Wexford, e.g. its structures, constitution, purpose, vision, committees, members, etc.
  • A wish to encourage greater awareness and understanding of LGBT
  • A wish for a more inclusive, vibrant, positive and celebration of diversity in society
  • A wish for safety and freedom to walk about and go to bars, cafes, etc. without fear of intimidation or abuse.
  • Following is a summary of the results of the ‘imagine’ exercise…….

Imagine a society that is respectful, accepting and able to honour all members of our community…..

  • What would that society look like?
  • What ways would members of that society behave towards each other?
  • What types of action would they be taking to build and maintain such a society?




















Imagine a society that is respectful, accepting and able to honour all members of our community…..

Agreed Next Steps

  • Have a membership drive (it was suggested that each person present might consider bringing along someone to the next meeting)
  • Take a look at the structures and committee of Gay Wexford and explore ways to develop and expand.  Take things slowly and acknowledge the necessary incremental steps.
  • Convene another open meeting on 25th May starting at 7.30. (Venue to be decided)
  • A reminder will be sent out to all nearer the time.


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