Understanding food

Understanding why you use food as a comfort is the first step to weight loss. A gradual shift in meal habits without drastic measures will be your recipe for success. For years you have had a love affair with food. You used it as a tool to lure a loved one. You used it as a passion. You unleashed cravings and had the bloated stomach. Now the summer is here, it’s hard to avoid the smells, the colours, the tastes and textures. The summer BBQ’s, the weddings, the holidays and all the parties. It all adds up to a few more pounds and a few more inches on the waist. Whether it’s the Muffin Top or the Bingo wings that you are self conscious of, reality has just started to dawn on you, that if nothing changes, nothing changes. That’s the facts.

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You must ask yourself, Why am I overweight or obese right now? These factors, for example, Emotional instability, Loneliness, lack of self worth and self esteem and many more emotional conflicts.

In your childhood, you may have been rewarded with chocolate or a box of sweets to cheer you up. This immediately was gratification and a sense of comfort and relief. This today is the same; they give us relief from emotional distress. It makes us feel so good.

We have become accustomed today using food as an oral pacifier and comforter. Unfortunately, as we get older the same foods we ingested as children, turn into more fat cells as adults. Being fat, creates its own emotional upset. If you see yourself as unattractive to other people, you may withdraw from the outside world.

We binge, we starve, we crave, we long, it’s a viscous circle. Willpower is the key to a good balanced diet. Cutting out the food that produces fat cells and replacing it with the foods that give us energy and vitality.

A good place to start a diet is a food diary. Record everything you eat and your eating patterns. Increase your intake of water to 2 litres per day. A very good way to cleans and moisturise the body from the inside out.

Never skip breakfast as it is the kick starter for the brain every morning.

If you have ever slumped in energy in the morning at 11am, it’s because you skipped breakfast. The bread roll at lunch time makes you bloated and windy and feeling that you can’t wait for work to finish at 5pm.

The dinner you have at 7pm in the evening without the exercise afterwards to burn off the fat.

By changing your ideas about food, changes our life.
Eating a bowl of porridge in the morning with a piece of fruit mid morning snack keeps us going till lunch time. 1pm should be salad. Dinner in the evening should be
Chicken or fish with loads of vegetables. Bread and potatoes are the killers when it comes to piling on the weight.

Exercise is a huge part of loosing weight. 30 minutes of exercise daily in the evening one hour after food helps burn off calories. It takes 6 weeks for the body and mind to change. That’s when you see results.

So go on. Give it a try. Get fit and stay fit. Join a gym, walk 2 miles, swim 400 metres, or just exercise in the comfort of your front room. You will be happy with the results. All it takes is willpower. Happy eating.


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Marie has worked as a Heath & fitness practitioner for years. Marie has extensive experience in alternative therapies, trigger point needling, massage, gym instruction, weight managment & nutrition and other health related areas.
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