Victoria’s Diary: Dragiators, ‘Out For The Weekend’, Ms Gay Wexford and Mr Gay Wexford
Victoria DeTampax

Miss Victoria De Tampax

Victoria hits the  top for  Dragitors , Wexford  own  little   bundle  of  fun  has  had  a busy  few  months  entering  dragiators way back  in the  early  part  of  2010 and  ending  in the  top  5  with  her  belting performance  in Dignity bar  Waterford, back in July . The  lady her  self  say’s  she  was  in  aww! of what  everyone  came  up with  every week  and is  happy to  have  gone  through  the  process. So! watch out  for  her  in Dragiators  3 the  apprentice, this time  it is  personal.

Victoria then  hosted  Gay  Pride  in Kilkenny  in August  ‘Out  For  The  Weekend’ and what  a weekend  it was  a fab 3 nights  and days  of rock ‘n’ roll  although  most  of  the  rolling  was Victoria  rolling  her  hair  cannot  wait  for  next  year’s Out  For  The  Weekend.

& the winner is Wonder woman! not at all it's Sorcha Slaven

Soracha Slaven, Ms Gay Wexford 2010

Closer  to home  we  held  our  first  ever  Ms  Gay Wexford  and  Mr  Gay  Wexford  2010  both hosted  by Victoria De  Tampax  Ms  Gay Wexford   was  won  by Sorcha Slaven  who  went  on to  Ms Gay  Ireland  held  in Waterford  and became  Ms  Congeniality  and  our  Mr  Gay  Wexford  was  won by  Craig  O’Toole  who went  on to represent  Wexford  in Dublin , where  he  came  fourth  in the  competition  Well  Done  Babies  Aunty  Victoria  is so proud  of what you both  did  for  your  County. Now  look  out  for  2011 when you  can be a royal  family,  your  County  needs you  people .

Miss Vistoria DeTampax with Mr Gay Wexford 2010 Craig O'Toole


Victoria  will  be  doing   various  things  around  the  Country this  Christmas  and  the  New  Year   will bring   Dignity  Apprentice , a new Web  Site   and various  other things   yet  to be  confirmed.

So get  your selves  out  there and  get  TAMPAXED


Victoria  De Tampax

Dragiators 2 Final – Victoria De Tampax


Victoria DeTampax

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