Victoria interviews Nadine Coyle on food
Victoria DeTampax

Victoria De Tampax has a quick foodie chat with “The Voice” of Girls Aloud-gone-solo singer, Nadine Coyle.

So Nadine, what was your last dream?

My last dream I was dreaming, I was dreaming. What was I dreaming about? I was dreaming about cooking, mundane stuff. You know like mundane ordinary tasks. So not very exciting bit of a waste of a dream really. I could have been anywhere, done anything and I decided to cook.

Don’t you have a restaurant?


Is that not maybe why you were thinking about cooking?

Could have been. Could have been worried about was happening over there.

So you are more worried about the cooking than you are the singing?

Yes having nightmares about the cooking going wrong.

What kinds of music are you into at the moment?

I’m into a lot of, you know. Jamiroquai and Cee Lo is coming out with some really great stuff. So some of that kind of feel good upbeat stuff at the moment.

Has that influenced how you’ve written this album at all?

Yes it has. It started off with stuff that I wanted to hear. You know I said “What would I like to listen to now?” and it just went further and further from there. And it is all very upbeat, there is no that doesn’t sound like that on this album, with a degree of strength and that’s kinda how I would see myself singing over the past year, two years.

And songs about cooking?

No cooking songs, just yet. But there is time.

Maybe you could just do a cookery book and have a little side project going on?

I don’t know, I want a cooking show, kinda Nigella style. I want to have one of those.

Are you actually a good cook?

Pretty good, me and Marsha started cooking at a young age. We used to call it Cooking Up A Storm.

“Cooking Up a Storm with Nadine”. Amazing. We hate cooking.

You need to get somebody who can cook for you.

Talking of which, congratulations on your engagement.

Thank you.

Does he cook for you?

He does not cook for me. He goes and buys the stuff and then he cleans up after it all. And I enjoy the cooking anyway. So he doesn’t enjoy the walking and going to the shop and he doesn’t really the cleaning, but I enjoy the cooking. So it is a win win for me.

Victoria DeTampax

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