Welcome to the Club!
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Welcome to the Club
By David Clarke

The following steps might not be in the right order for you, some might not even have happened and some might be just what you are/ were going through.

So, what comes first?

Stage one: Confusion…
You might be in school or you might be somewhere completely different. And there it is! This feeling inside you that makes you all warm and fuzzy and that is actually really nice. You fancy somebody. The only strange part is that the person is of the same sex that you are. And suddenly that feeling might not be that warm and fuzzy anymore.

Or you stand in front of a mirror and you realise that the person staring back at you is just not who you are inside. As nice as the person might be, it’s just somebody from the wrong gender.

And then there are all those questions in your head.
What does that mean?
What does that say about you?
And what will people think?

So, here is step one. Confusion can be quite important in the beginning but nobody likes to be confused forever. So maybe it might be a good idea to find out what all this means for the most important person in your life: yourself.

Take your time to figure it out, to chat to people you can trust and to go on a bit of a soul searching journey. Take all the time and the support you need.

Don’t worry about the fact that the people who can support you most during that time, might not be the ones closest to you. Not for now.

It might be friends but it might also be somebody working for an LGBT group. Or it might be watching one of the “gay” episodes of South Park.

Find out what works best for you.

David is the youth officer with Gay Wexford and the author of the
coming out guide on the Youth page at GayWexford.com. For more
details of Gay Youth Wexford see their facebook page or send an email
to  gayyouthwexford@gmail.com  
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