LGBT Parents say ‘Thank you for attending the June table quiz”
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“We just want to say “many thanks” to all those people that showed up to our recent event for the ‘Lgbt parents’ table quiz in dignity bar waterford on the 28th of June.

Dropping a few words in to let people know also there will be a raffle on the 5th August at the ‘Transgender’ night in dignity bar Waterford. There’s plenty prizes to raffle off so please come along and support us.”

Thanks kevin

LGBT Parents : Let's Get Back Together is a group for
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender people who are parents.
'LGBT Parents' gatherings are an opportunity for LGBT parents
to share with their peers, information, stories, trials &
opportunities, while having fun along the way.

For more information or to get involved contact Kevin Kelly
(parent & grandparent) or
via facebook at lgbtparents.waterford or by Mobile 086 159 5294

At GaySE we recently came across a Gay Parent LGBT Magazine based in New York. It’s possible to download publications here










Some articles that may be of interest to readers:

We Deserve a Family too!!!!!
by Queer/ Race

I decided to write my final paper on gay parenting because it’s an issue that’s not discussed as much as other issues. We talked about gay marriage in class and even when a partner in a heterosexual marriage becomes gay but never really touched upon gay parenting. Causing me to look further into investigating and researching about gay parenting. Gay Parenting is definitely way more common than it used to be. more

Despite claims, children of same-sex parents doing no worse than other children
By Erica Zaiser

In Mexico the Supreme Court just decided to uphold gay adoption despite some arguments that children of gay parents are at risk of increased discrimination. Meanwhile, Australian senate hopeful, Wendy Francis, stated on her Twitter account that children of gay parents suffer from emotional abuse. She argues that gay parents deprive their children from having either a mother or a father and that this is tantamount to abuse. She isn’t the first politician to try to argue that homosexual couples should not be allowed to have children because non-straight parents can’t be as good as straight parents. However, there is little evidence to back up claims that children of gay parents are deprived or less well-adjusted than children from straight couples. In fact there is ample research showing just the opposite. more

Gaze Guests

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